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Welcome to Danish Modern L.A.; the online store with an exclusive inventory of mid-century furniture and design in the Scandinavian and American style.

The Terms of Service of Danish Modern L.A. govern your use of this site and / or mobile applications, your purchases, publications and sales. By accepting, you agree to be bound and comply with these Terms of Service. If you do not accept these Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy, you will not be able to access and use this site, mobile applications, products and services and any other tool related to Danish Modern L.A. Likewise, if the use of this site and anything contained in it is not completely satisfactory or you do not agree, simply do not use this site, mobile applications and do not buy any of the products or services offered here.

These Terms of Service may be modified at any time without prior notice and at the sole discretion of Danish Modern L.A. You are invited to constantly review the current Terms of Service to be aware of any changes.

For questions or comments, please email info@danishmodernla.com.


You are invited to review the Danish Modern L.A. Privacy Policy so that you are aware of what information about you is stored, used, collected and how or with whom this information is shared. Read more.


All notices must be sent by post or left personally at Danish Modern L.A. Inc., 5448 East Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90022. Electronic notices must be sent via e-mail to info@danishmodernla.com. It is considered that your notice has been delivered only when you have obtained a response from Danish Modern L.A. Inc.


The minimum age limit for people to use and navigate this site is 18 years, and not for people under this age. The site has been created for people with decision-making capacity. This site has the purpose of giving you an online shopping alternative through all the visual, auditory, oral, and written information contained here. If you use this site you are stating that you are 18 or older and declare that you will use this site correctly and appropriately by abiding by its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


You can navigate and explore the site without registering, however, to access certain features and functions, such as buying, sending emails, subscribing to newsletters, etc., it is necessary sign up.

To register it is necessary that you provide basic information, such as name, email and select a password that will only serve you to be able to access your account. Additional information such as your phone number, business affiliation ID and physical address may be required of you when you purchase. You may also log in using Facebook. The information that this site collects from your Facebook account is basic; name, profile photo, gender, language, age range, city and region.

When you register as a member, you must do so by providing your accurate information and we will securely maintain your site log-in credentials. Once registered, you will be able to log in to your account whenever you wish.

You can cancel your registration on the site at any time by sending a user account deletion request to info@danishmodernla.com.


You have the option to modify and update your personal information at any time and from any device. By logging in to your user account, you will be able to modify your data, including your name, phone, email, physical address, company name, and identification of commercial affiliation. Remember that the new information must be true. Respecting the law of the United States, it is possible that your historical information is stored for some time. It is possible that this site, at its sole discretion, does not authorize the changes made. The authorization of the modification of your information will take approximately 3 business days.


The use of this sites products and services is at your own risk and own will. The published products are "as is" and "according to availability". Take into account that the color tones and resolution of the images of the products tend to vary according to your computer, tablet, or mobile device from which you are browsing. Read the descriptions of the product carefully since it specifies precisely the conditions of the product.

This site provides the services using a level of industrially sound experience and care. However, there are certain things that this site does not guarantee about its services.



This site has very high safety standards; however, due to factors that are not under the control of Danish Modern L.A., technical failures may occur at some point. As a result, these technical failures can lead to inaccuracy in the description or data referring to the product, the effort of this site is always aimed at describing and characterizing the most accurate information of each product or service. If errors occur, Danish Modern L.A. reserves the right to limit or cancel any purchase of its products or services. In this sense, you are aware that these failures may occur without prior notice. Danish Modern L.A. is not responsible for these failures and does not accept any obligation arising from such failures.


If you wish to sell a product to Danish Modern L.A., you must provide accurate information about your article, likewise you are aware that you are the only legitimate owner of said article and that you own 100% of the rights over it. Once the sale price between Danish Modern L.A. and you is agreed upon, you cannot renegotiate the price again, or later request royalties, perpetuity or any economic amount on said item. In this sense, when you sell the item, you are transferring 100% of the rights of said item to Danish Modern L.A.


If you buy a service or product on this site, you do so knowing that you agree to comply with the Terms of Service, rules and laws that govern this site.

You agree that all information provided on the site is stored and processed in the United States since the facilities of this site are located in this country.

If you are in the United States or another country and you browse, use or purchase on this site, you do so voluntarily and are aware of all of the actions you take within the site, making you responsible for them.

Regarding the payment of products or services purchased on this site, you agree to pay the published amount and other charges. Likewise, you agree to pay the account settings and other amounts disclosed, such as taxes, duties, costs, expenses, export costs, transportation expenses, and payment of fees if applicable to your order. You also agree that Danish Modern L.A. copies automatically to your PayPal account during the purchase process in United States of America dollars only.


Danish Modern L.A. describes responsibly, with the greatest precision, about the physical conditions, attributes and characteristics of the product and service, as well as the establishment of its prices. It does so through photographs and written and oral description. Take into account that depending on the device from which you are browsing, the color tones or the resolution of the images may vary, therefore, you as a client, are responsible for requesting all the information that is of your interest prior to purchasing. In this way you will be aware of every detail regarding the product or service.

The products sold on this site are products that have been created 20, 30, 40, 50 or more years ago and therefore no product is considered as new. In this sense, all products have wear due to the use by their former owners. On this site you will find basically three physical states of the products: A) completely restored products, B) products with some restored parts and other parts in their original condition and C) products completely in their original condition. Therefore, you are aware of the imperfections that each product may have.

The restoration service is carried out by professionals and skilled craftsmen, who use all their talent and knowledge in the restoration process of the furniture, however, there are pieces that, due to the years of use, have internally been degraded on a large scale and perhaps at the moment of restoration may cause great complications or simply can not be restored.

Take into account that the inventory of this site is limited and many of the pieces that you see now may only be available on rare occasions and even only once, therefore, the products that are sold here are only available while stocks last. Likewise, prices may vary without prior notice.

The purpose of you being well informed before purchasing a product or service is that the purchase of your product or service culminates in your satisfaction.


If you are not sure of making your purchase immediately, you have the option of using the Hold service, with which this site will put the product on hold for 3 days or 72 hours, and within that period of time you should give an answer of whether you wish to buy it or not. If you do not respond during that period of time, once the time limit has expired, the product will automatically be available on our site for immediate purchase by other prospective customers. When you have placed a product on Hold and there is another prospective buyer interested in that same piece, a notification will be sent to you and you will be informed that another customer is interested in the same item. So, it will be helpful for you to notify us with your decision regarding the product.

If you live in the surrounding area of Los Angeles, California, you can use the Memo service, in which you can enjoy seeing a piece(s) in your home or office and live with it before making a final purchase decision. In this way you will be sure if the furniture fulfills your expectations. For this you must contact customer service to request information about the requirements and conditions to be met for this modality.

When you have found the product that is of your complete satisfaction, you can make your purchase online through the system of purchases in the Secure Checkout, which provides various payment options. After having paid, a notification will be sent to your email where your purchase is confirmed. Subsequently, another email will be sent to you informing you that your product has already been shipped to the address you have designated and a tracking number will be included. If you purchased at the Secure Checkout and you live in or near Los Angeles, California and want to collect your product, you may do so by bringing proof of purchase and an I.D.

Regarding promotional prices, they will only be valid for a limited time and the range of time will not be extended once the promotion has finished.

When you have successfully made your purchase, there will be a purchase-sale contract for a product or service exchange between you and Danish Modern L.A.

Finally, you can contact customer service of this company to refine details so that your product is sent to the final destination that you have designated.


To utilize our Restoration service, a detailed description of the results that you wish to achieve must be provided - whether it be to restore a single part of the piece of furniture or to restore the whole piece of furniture. Additionally, you must indicate to the associate all specific details, for example: some color tone in particular, that some parts not be modified, that some or all of the original elements be kept, etc. Also, take into account that for upholstery work you are responsible for buying and sending your fabric to the place indicated. For you to make a correct decision about using our Restoration service, you can confidently consult our associate about the process.


When you have received the confirmation of sales notification, you must pay 100% of the costs and expenses of the purchase, being the price of the product, price of transport fees for shipments or deliveries, taxes (if applicable) of the purchase, and in special situations may apply another payment according to the laws in force.

To pay the total expenses and costs you can use the VISA, Master Card, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and DISCOVER cards, PayPal checkout and Affirm credit payments securely and reliably. As the payment system of this site is express, PayPal is responsible for processing your payment securely, and provides this site with only non-sensitive information of your purchase.

When you use your credit or debit card, you are authorizing Danish Modern L.A. to charge your card 100% of the total purchase price. If in any case the method of payment used by you is not acceptable, you will be informed immediately so that you can verify and resolve the situation.

The amount you must pay will only be in United States dollars.

This site reserves the right to partially or totally cancel any order.


When you have made a purchase and wish to cancel it for any reason, you must contact our customer service staff immediately by phone or email to notify of such cancellation and this site may proceed to return the amount of money paid (Full refunds with a 3% restocking fee). The time limit for you to send your request for cancellation of your order is 24 hours after your purchase. If your product has already been shipped, you will have to pay the expenses incurred in transportation both on the way to and from.


If you buy from a country outside of the United States, you must respect and comply with all laws applicable to international purchases. You, as the buyer, are solely responsible for paying absolutely all taxes, transportation costs, fees and expenses incurred when exporting your product from the United States to the country of destination.

Take into account that some products require a special permit in customs due to the type of material, form, or nature of the product, which may cause delay in procedures and authorization of documents. Danish Modern L.A. is not responsible to the government authorities for the completion of complicated and exhaustive processes for a product to be authorized for export outside the United States.

If you have purchased a product and within 10 business days of purchase, you were unable to obtain the respective shipping permit, the purchase-sale agreement with you will be voided and you will be informed in writing. Under no circumstances will Danish Modern L.A. be responsible for damages, costs and expenses incurred in said process; said expenses will only be borne by you as buyer.

The official language that Danish Modern L.A. will use to communicate with you and with any client that is outside of the United States will be exclusively the English language of the United States of America. Danish Modern L.A. is not responsible for the words, phrases or written and oral content that you or any customer interpret or translate wrongly.


You must pay in advance 100% of the shipping and delivery costs, whether you organize your own delivery or if Danish Modern L.A. organizes it for you. The shipping times are estimated, therefore, the product may arrive before or after the estimated date.

You have the right to organize your own delivery or shipping, hiring a company that you trust. You must be aware that any damage or loss that occurs in transit only corresponds to said carrier and its effect towards you as the buyer.

You can arrange delivery or shipping at your request. For this, you must provide information such as a name, physical address of delivery, telephone and email. You will be informed of the name of the company in charge of transportation, and a tracking code will be provided to you by Danish Modern L.A. so that you may monitor the transit status of your product.

If you want to collect your order personally, you are welcome to. Coordinate with Danish Modern L.A. and provide the pick-up details, such as time and date. Inspect your product and take into account that the sale is considered final.

All products, due to size, fragility, weight, or material will be delivered with White-Glove Service, thereby ensuring that each product arrives flawlessly at its destination. You must previously measure the doors, corridors, steps, elevators, etc., of your home or office so that your product can be moved in without any issues. Do not accept the product if you notice significant damage to the packaging or the product itself.

If you want more information on this subject, visit the shipping and delivery policy of this site.


This site contains information, data, text, paragraphs, files, links, photographs, sounds, messages, labels and other materials from third parties. Such content is the sole responsibility of the person providing it. This means that, if you send by email or publish some content on this site, you are solely responsible for it. Likewise, this site does not endorse any publication or opinion made by you. Therefore, your behavior on this site must be within the rules and Terms of Service that govern this site, as well as by the laws that govern the United States. By posting any content on this site, you must own the copyrights and intellectual property rights thereof.

Your conduct must also be appropriate and within the framework of the law of the United States and the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of this site when you visit the social and professional networking platforms where Danish Modern L.A. Inc. is present; being among them but not limited to: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

You will be responsible if you intentionally or unintentionally use false information, discriminatory information, offensive information, aggressive information, harassing information, pornographic information, racial acts, copyrighted material or intellectual property, attempt or commit fraud, violate security of this system, interrupt negatively the operation of this site, introduce viruses, worms or codes that damage the site, commit unlawful acts, modify this site without prior written authorization, impersonate another person or entity, use the account of another person or entity without prior authorization, send unwanted emails, spam or unsolicited advertising, encourage aggressive or criminal behavior, use content or material from this site without prior written authorization, etc.

Danish Modern L.A. reserves the right to edit or remove any content from you, which at the sole discretion of this site is considered negative. This site will have no obligation or liability when you delete or modify such content.


By publicly submitting feedback, ratings, reviews, or suggestions to Danish Modern L.A. using websites, forums, social networks or privately, you acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for such publications.

Likewise, when you submit a review, you grant Danish Modern L.A. a non-exclusive right, free of royalties or perpetuity, to use your content according to the exclusive criteria of this site for any commercial or non-commercial purpose, whether by reproducing, publishing, editing, or modifying said review on this site, social networks, and professional networks.


All brands and names are registered as intellectual property of their individual owners or entities, including the content created by Danish Modern L.A. It complies with good editorial practices so as not to affect the commercial integrity of the brands, names of clients or third parties.

The content and material, included here but not limited to, such as logo, photographs, written content, images, sounds, designs, videos, information, data, and software are property of Danish Modern L.A. Inc. Copyright and intellectual property rights are protected by the laws of the United States of America. This site may not be used by you or a third party for personal or commercial purposes individually for non-authorized profit purposes, therefore, you may not use any part of the site either partial or total, without prior written authorization of this site. By using, reproducing or publishing the author or intellectual property rights without authorization, you are subject to the criminal consequences that derive from it, according to the state and federal laws of the United States or international laws.


On this site you will find links to sites totally outside of Danish Modern L.A. The content, information, material, graphics, sounds, videos, literature, etc., found on these link sites is the sole responsibility of that third party and not the site of Danish Modern L.A. Inc. The sites linked here are not under the control of Danish Modern L.A. so this site does not guarantee the reliability of them. Therefore, Danish Modern L.A. is not responsible at any time and under any circumstances for those sites. If you visit these new sites, you do so at your own will, risk and responsibility. If you visit the sites of these third parties read the Privacy Policies and Terms of Services in force.


If you believe that any part of this site belongs to you, and you own the copyright or intellectual property, please notify it in writing in which you will describe your personal data, proof of ownership of the copyright or intellectual property, detailed explanation of the infraction that is discussed on this site, as well as your request to Danish Modern L.A. to use or remove it.

If you do not own the copyright or intellectual property rights that you claim to have, you will be the only party responsible before the law, and you will have to respond to the corresponding instances and courts for all the economic consequences derived from it.

You can notify the following address:

Danish Modern L.A. Inc
Directed to: Administration of Danish Modern L.A. Inc.
5448 East Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90022


Danish Modern L.A., in its sole discretion, has the right to change, interrupt or suspend any service with or without prior notice, either totally or partially in any area of the site. Changes may include, but are not limited to, increase, modification, decrease, suspension of written content, graphic content, auditory content, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, rules, general policies, rights, obligations, or any policy that governs this site at any time. Such changes will not affect the payment structure of any publication that has not expired. This site will not be responsible to any client or entity for the changes made on this site.


Danish Modern L.A. provides notices about all changes made to this site by email, postal mail, text message, publications on the service and other reasonable means existing or developed in the future. You are invited to constantly review this section so that you are aware of the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in force on this site.

If any changes were made to these Terms of Service or Privacy Policy and you continue to use this site after it was published, you confirm that you have accepted these changes.


Danish Modern L.A. reserves the right to terminate the use and total or partial access of its sites products and services to any person, entity, or company for any reason, at any time, without prior notice and at its sole discretion. Also Danish Modern L.A. reserves the right to deny or restrict all or part of its services to any person, entity, or company for any reason.


This site accepts returns on all its products (restrictions apply), for which you are invited to review the return and refund policy. Also, take into account the following:

When you have coordinated your shipment, Danish Modern L.A. is responsible for delivering the product to the carrier you designated under physically optimal conditions and as described on this site. This site will release the product order with a condition report. Any damage or loss in transit will be the responsibility of the company that you have hired.

The Refund and Return policy does not apply when:

  • The product has been resized, damaged or altered by you.
  • You have organized your own shipment and in transit, the product suffered damages or losses.
  • When the product has been purchased for final sale during a promotional event.
  • A damaged product has been reported outside the time limit indicated in the warranty policy.


Satisfying your expectations is one of the highest priorities of this site, that is why this site has implemented the return and refunds policy to make your shopping a pleasant experience. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you may exchange or return your item (subject to return shipping fees). For this please take into account the following:

All products must be returned via reliable shipping or delivery transport services. When the product is received, the adequate solution will be applied.

In the case of full refunds, a 3% restocking fee will be applied.


If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you may exchange or return your item. When the product is received, the adequate solution will be applied. You can choose from the following options: Refund, Exchange, Credit, Repair & Refinishing.

When a product has been damaged in transit by a transport company that is totally alien to this site, Danish Modern L.A. is not responsible for it, however, Danish Modern L.A. will help you as a customer and will be an intermediary, as far as the scope and possibilities of Danish Modern L.A. are concerned, so that the transport company offers you a solution according to your expectations.

In situations where there are problems, disputes, claims, or dissatisfaction between you and Danish Modern L.A. regarding the service or products of this site, they will be resolved by making use of negotiation talks during a period of 20 days after the purchase, until both parties are fully satisfied in a reasonable decision. In this sense, each party will have its individual arbitrator. The solutions agreed between you and this site must remain confidential.

Please note that damages cannot be granted for problems that are contrary to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy of this site.

In situations where the intervention of a competent judge or a court applies, it must be done in the city of Los Angeles, California, United States. The process will be in the English language of the United States and based on the Federal Law of Arbitration of the United States.


These Terms of Service form an agreement between you and Danish Modern L.A. referring to any product or service that you buy from this company through all existing means of communication, whether in person, orally, aurally, in writing or through electronic means. If any Term is considered illegal, the law of the country will prevail, and will be separated from the rest of the Terms of Service, not affecting the validity of the others. If you violate these Terms of Service, you will be responsible only before the competent authorities of the country and you will have to answer to them. Danish Modern L.A., at no time, will renounce your rights and your Terms of Service. These Terms of Service are solely for the mutual benefit between you as a customer and Danish Modern L.A. and not to third parties. The headings and content of the paragraphs are for convenience only and are not used to interpret or affect these Terms of Service.