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The Danish Modern L. A. Privacy Policy is effective as of: October 1, 2018.


This Privacy Policy will periodically have updates and modifications which are focused on adapting to the needs of each situation and context.

Regarding the updates, Danish Modern L.A. provides notices about all changes made to this site by email, postal mail, text message, publications on the service and other reasonable means existing or developed in the future. Likewise, you are invited to constantly review this section so that you are aware of the new changes to the Privacy Policy and to the current Terms of Service of this site.

If any changes were made to this Privacy Policy or to the Terms of Service and you continue to use this site after the new Privacy Policy has been published or becomes effective, you confirm knowingly that you have accepted these changes.


You are invited to consult the Danish Modern L.A. Terms of Service so that you are aware of the rules, rights, obligations, conditions, and terms that govern the use and access of this site, mobile applications, purchases, publications and sales. Read more.


Personal information is any data that has the ability to specifically identify a human being and distinguish it from others.


Danish Modern L.A. has a strong belief in the freedom of privacy, for that reason, on this site and in mobile applications you have control of your information. Likewise, you are the one that has the power over what information you want to share on this site and in mobile applications.

This Privacy Policy serves to inform you how it is collected, used, stored and with whom and how your information is shared.

By accessing and using this site or its mobile applications, you agree to be bound and to comply with the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Service, you will not be able to access and use this site, mobile applications, products and services and any other tool related to Danish Modern L.A. Also, if the use of this site and all that is contained in it is not to your complete satisfaction or you do not agree, simply do not use this site, mobile applications and do not buy any products or services that are offered here.

If you brow py-4se and provide information from a country outside of the United States, you do so voluntarily and are aware of the consequences that may result from it. Keep in mind that the privacy laws of the United States may be less stringent than those in your country. By continuing to brow py-4se this site, you accept, without doubt, providing information which this site collects from you. All information will be processed and used in the United States.

These are the principles in the use of your information.

  • Your information on this site belongs only to you.

  • The information that is collected is minimal.

  • This site tells you what is done with your information.

  • This site will never misuse third-party channels with your information.

  • You voluntarily and consciously provide your information.

  • All the information that you send is at your own risk and responsibility.

  • This site collects information on your brow py-4sing behavior.


Your data serves specifically for commercial purposes, being the following:

  • Name: your personal name is used for billing purposes, to open a user account on this site, for sending data and / or direct and personalized communication purposes.

  • Name of the company: The name of the company you represent is used for billing purposes, to open a user account, and for sending data and / or direct communication purposes.

  • Identification of commercial affiliation: this identification document is used to provide excellent commercial benefits, especially for the Design Trade Program. This document extracts commercial affiliation data, your name and the name of the company to which you are affiliated with.

  • Physical address: your physical billing address and your physical shipping address are used.

  • Payment card information: this information is used when you make a purchase on this site.

  • Email: Your email, primarily used as a direct channel of communication through this site, is also used to make a monetary transaction. Since the payment gateway of this site works through PayPal, your information is well insured and protected outside the scope of this site. Your email is also used for the distribution of newsletters with news and promotions, only in the case that you choose to receive them. Via email, you and / or this company may attach and share documents and files of interest such as photographs, text, PDF documents, scanned documents, invoices, receipts, videos, sounds, links to pages of this site, and links to social networks among others. These documents or files are stored to the extent permitted by law and are made for commercial purposes only. Each time this site sends you a document or file by email, you are informed in advance so that you feel safe. Email is the main channel used as a means of communication with you.

  • Telephone number: Your personal telephone number from which you call will only be used for pre and post sale tracking reasons. Calls or text messages made to your phone number are made only on company schedules and business days. Calls and text messages made to your phone number during non-business hours are made only with your prior authorization. The telephone calls that Danish Modern L.A. has with you are not recorded. Danish Modern L.A. does not promote through telephone calls.

  • Review: When you voluntarily write a Review about your experience with Danish Modern L.A., you are aware that your information will be made public, and you should know that your behavior must be within the rules and Terms of Service that regulate this site, as well as by the laws that govern the United States. In the Reviews that you leave, the date of publication, your personal comment, the product or service purchased, and your name will be displayed.

  • Log in & sign up: To access and use certain areas or functions, such as: buying, sending emails, subscribing to newsletters, among others, it is necessary to register. To register as a user of Danish Modern L.A., it is necessary that you provide basic information, such as name, email and a selected password that will only serve you to be able to re-enter your account. Additional information such as telephone number, business affiliation identification, details of the payment method and physical address may be provided by you when you buy a product or service.

  • Log in using Facebook: If you wish, you may create an account on this site using your Facebook profile. The information that this site collects from your Facebook profile is basic, being: name, profile photo, gender, language, age range, city and region. The purpose of collecting this information is solely to provide you with a better brow py-4sing and shopping experience on this site.

  • Other information: Other type of information may be collected depending on the subject or situation for which you communicate on this site. In the event that you apply for employment or are hired by this company, information will be collected from you such as: age, geographic location, studies, work experience, skills, social security number, personal photography, and more.

On this site, in mobile applications or in social networks you will find contact information to communicate with this company. When you communicate by means of telephone, text messages, email, chat, postal mail, use of mobile applications, or other means of communication, a link will be created to transfer information in which you will obtain information about the company and the company will obtain information from you. The information received and sent by both parties will be stored exclusively to create a commercial relationship between the parties involved only.


Danish Modern L.A. uses your personal information that you submit in a secure and ethically professional manner based on the Privacy Policies and Terms of Service that govern the site, mobile applications and social networks of this company. Likewise, the information you send is used for commercial purposes, including:

  • Bill and pay taxes before government tax entities.

  • Provide follow-up to your pre and post-sale purchases.

  • Provide follow-up on the transportation of your product to its final destination.

  • Provide advice and support when required.

  • Answer your questions, doubts and concerns.

  • Provide information about a particular product or service.

  • Send documents, files, PDFs, photographs, links, images, videos or sounds about this site, products or services of this company.

  • Send newsletters about the products and services of this site.

  • Inform you about promotional events regarding products and services.

  • Inform you about changes and updates that are made on this site to the products and services of this company.

  • Inform you about the updates made in the Privacy Policies and Terms of Service that govern the site, mobile applications and social networks of this company.

  • Identify when you contact this site.

  • Contact you at times that merit communication with you, either by email, chat, mobile applications or cell phone.


The information that is collected in this site is to be analyzed in groups and is used with the focus of providing a better shopping experience and navigation.

In this sense, when you visit this site, information is gathered about your browsing behavior, including the products that you are looking for, keywords you type, time zone, newsletters opened, clicks on the newsletter, Internet Protocol (IP) address, pages of the site you visit, browsing time spent on the site, as well as information about your operating system, device type, and browser type.


Danish Modern L.A. uses your personal information that is collected in a secure and ethically professional manner based on the Privacy Policies and Terms of Service that govern the site, mobile applications and social networks of this company. Likewise, the information collected is used for commercial purposes, being among them:

  • Send personalized content.

  • Send you products, promotions and advertising of your interest.

  • Know your particular interests regarding this site.

  • Analyze behavior data on the site.

  • Obtain statistical data for commercial purposes.

  • Do research to improve your browsing experience.

  • Improve the products and services offered on this site.

  • Make your navigation on the site safer and more reliable.

  • Detect problems and make the respective improvements and updates.

  • Inform you about changes and updates that are made on this site to the products and services of this company.

  • Measure the effectiveness of the promotion and advertising campaigns of the site, mobile applications and social networks of this company.


Danish Modern L.A. does not use cookies.


It is possible that this site receives information from you through third parties, partners or companies specialized in marketing. The objective is to find new prospects for commercial purposes only.


This company does not share, exchange, lend, sell or give your information to any third party outside the commercial and legal purposes of this site.

Your personal information is shared with third parties only if they are reliable. It will be done for purely commercial purposes and will depend on each situation. Your information may be shared with your prior consent or without your prior consent. Your information is shared with:

  • Companies that transport your product by means of shipping or delivery, whether you have organized your own transportation or Danish Modern L.A. has organized it for you.

  • Third parties that make and authorize a payment transition.

  • Sister trademarks that belong to this same company.

  • Marketing service providers to carry out effective advertising strategies, surveys, training or continuous improvement.

  • Government entities and courts, among others. Your information will be shared in very special situations and only in compliance with the law.

  • Your information may be shared to defend the rights of this site in any legal process.

The information shared with third parties may include full name, physical billing address, physical shipping address, telephone number and email address. That information will be shared depending on the issue or situation for which it is necessary to share it. Danish Modern L.A. is not responsible for the way third parties use your information. The third party will be asked to make use of their information in an ethical and professional manner in accordance with the law of the United States.


Danish Modern L.A. securely saves the information that you send or that this site collects from you on physical computer sites that contain strict quality control and security in the offices of this company, as well as with hosting system providers that comply with strict security standards in the United States.


The employees of Danish Modern L.A. comply with strict professional ethical standards in the management of computer resources and data. Likewise, your personal information is strictly limited to authorized persons.

Danish Modern L.A. takes great care in the use of cutting-edge technology and software, as well as the hiring of human talent specialized in programming to minimize the risks of information theft.

When you pay with your credit card the payment gateway of this site works through PayPal, where your information is well insured and safeguarded out of the reach of Danish Modern L.A.

This site cannot control individuals in their activity on the internet outside of these facilities. Therefore, this site is not responsible if your information is violated by people with malicious intent. Take into account that no site is completely safe.


As a member of this site, you are solely responsible for protecting your registration data, being your Username and Password.

Do not share your credentials with anyone since this data strictly belong to you. If someone outside wants to buy on this site, it is necessary for that person to open their own user account and password and not use one that does not belong to him or her.

You are solely responsible if another person makes use of your password and user name with or without your consent.

If you believe that your data is used on this site by outsiders, you must immediately notify Customer Service, and as soon as possible your case will be dealt with and the respective measures will be taken to protect you.

If you borrow your device from another person, be it a computer, cell phone, or tablet, make sure you have logged out of this site as to ensure that nobody will steal and misuse your personal information.


You have the option to modify and update your personal information at any time and from any device. Simply log in to your user account. There you can modify your data, including name, phone, email, physical address, name of the company to which you belong, and identification of business affiliation. Remember that the new information must be true. Respecting the law, it is possible that your historical information is stored. It is possible that this site, at its sole discretion, does not authorize the changes made. The authorization of the modification of your information will take approximately 3 business days.


You have the power to select what information you want to receive. For this, you can subscribe to the newsletters that are sent weekly to your email and / or create a user account on this site. On the other hand, if you no longer want to receive the newsletters and / or want to delete your user account on this site, you can do so at any time by sending a message requesting to delete your user account and / or canceling newsletters reception to info@danishmodernla.com

Authorization of the deletion of user account or cancellation of newsletter reception will take approximately 3 business days and you may continue to receive information from this site while the entire process of deletion or cancellation is approved. Respecting the law, it is possible that your deleted information will be stored for a period of time.


If you lose your credentials, immediately notify Customer Service, who will take the necessary measures so that no fraud is committed on this site.

If you forget your credentials, contact Customer Service and they will guide you to retrieving your username and password or give you new credentials. To make this possible, you must present an identification document and some other necessary documents so that this site is sure that no fraud is being committed.


In this site you will find links to third party sites, content, information, material, graphics, sounds, videos, literature, etc. These link sites are the sole responsibility of the third party. Therefore, Danish Modern L.A. is not responsible, at any time and under any circumstances, for third party sites. If you visit these third party sites, you do so at your own will, risk and responsibility. If you visit the sites of those third parties, read the Privacy Policies and Terms of Services in force on those sites.


For comments, questions, complaints or more information about the Privacy Policy of this site, contact us by mail at Danish Modern L.A. Inc., 5448 East Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90022, or by e-mail at info@danishmodernla.com