- Professional restorers -

Is that Hans J. Wegner credenza looking a little worse for wear? How about that Johannes Andersen coffee table the kids decided would be a great dancing table? Instead of just waiting for your favorite furniture piece to see its finals days, why not bring it to us?. We believe almost every mid century piece is capable of being restored, no matter the challenge!

Professional and skilled furniture restoration is an essential part of what we do every day at our very own and operated workshop.

- Professional restorers -

Our purpose is to offer beautiful and functional vintage furniture in a way that honors its illustrious past. Our workshop is continuously improving ways to clean and restore while still preserving the integrity of the design and quality of each piece. 

With the many years of experience in restoring these vintage pieces, we’ve become quite skilled at developing our unique restoration methods for mid century design. We especially enjoy discovering creative, long lasting solutions to individual problems.

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