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We conduct a careful selection of our restoration material based on the type of furniture we restore. So that each piece of furniture is distinctive, comfortable and durable in time.

Before and After

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Handling & Packing

Protect the integrity of your furniture to their final destination, by appropriate conditions within a protection system that carefully saves every part of the treasure within.


Discover our system that retains the properties and distinctive features that deserves all fine furniture, while we guide you in the long-awaited opening Thrill furniture that was part of your prestigious collection.

Product Care


Each product is different but they all have common needs: protection and care at all times. Use appropriate methods are the key to your fine furniture shine in time and space.

Keep the furniture in a cool, dry place Avoid furniture is exposed directly to rain, sun or wind Avoid placing hot objects directly on the piece to avoid undesirable marks or permanent circles, avoid placing objects that may cause scratches to the surface Clean using water only in small quantities and apply it with soft, damp cloth After damp cloth wipe with a soft, dry cloth You can use other liquids that are especially for cleaning furniture provided take into account the type of wood furniture and following the manufacturer's instructions fluid
Avoid placing objects that cause scratches to the surface Use a soft , damp cloth lint Use newspaper and dragging dirt and leaves no marks Dry immediately using dry glass dry newspaper or a soft cloth and Use liquid glass cleaner, following the manufacturer's instructions fluid
Avoid spilling fluids because the marble absorbs fluids If given case by liquid spills aplenty neglect proceed to clean it immediately Avoid spilling oily liquids, do not use liquids with colorants as it can absorb the color Avoid placing hot objects directly on the marble and objects that cause scratches to the surface Clean using water only in small quantities and apply it with soft, damp cloth After wiping always wipe with a soft, dry cloth Use cloths neutral colors If cleaning is required further, it can only be used with neutral pH soap. Any acid or alkaline products will degrade the surface You can use other liquids that are especially to clean the marble as long as they take into account the type of marble and following the manufacturer's instructions fluid

In this section we offer practical but very powerful tips to keep each piece with the sharpness that characterizes your personality and style. Join us to preserve the fine finish of your furniture!


Every day we implement innovative techniques that provide assurance in the process Refinishing of your furniture, it is possible because we have professional craftsmen with high sense of commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

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We invite you to restore the furniture that in use and over the years has suffered deterioration in their material and structure. We have the talent and experience to renew your furniture and transmit life by methods that will shine the wood in its natural tones, creating youth and distinction in the piece so you can enjoy it again!


We have executed several projects outfitting with Mid Century Furniture and decorative items for homes, apartments and offices of various businesses, successfully transforming the lifestyle of the distinguished users.

If you have a project in mind and want to be equipped with fine and authentic products, we can support you in the exciting work of furnish and decorate your space, because we offer alternatives in variety and quality in Mid-Century Furniture and decorative art for you to create a distinctive ambience with unique and elegant pieces.

"Designs that transform the senses"

On the off chance that this is an ideal opportunity to give you cherished bits of workmanship another life time, you are on the perfect spot

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